Eastman-Dodge County, Georgia has established itself as an industry-friendly community with successful aviation, agricultural, and manufacturing businesses. View Dodge County’s Labor Profile.

Dodge County offers a wide array of business services. Many local businesses have been owned and operated by the same family for generations, but with a robust transportation network, plentiful available sites and buildings, and a skilled and willing workforce, Dodge County is in a prime position to attract new businesses ranging from agribusiness to emerging technologies.

Timber is Georgia’s number one agricultural product, and Dodge County contributes to that tally with a timber farm gate value of more than $12 million a year. Row crop production, particularly corn, cotton, soybeans and peanuts, is also predominant, generating a farm gate value of nearly $30 million annually. Agriculture generates nearly 1,000 jobs in Dodge County, Georgia.

Outstanding manufacturing firms thrive in Eastman-Dodge. Alcoa’s Reynobond® line has been in operation here for more than 30 years, producing a construction product in demand worldwide. Chameleon Services is a privately owned sewing company that has successfully created its own niche market nationwide by housing manufacturing, screen printing, embroiderers and graphic design under one roof.

Our Heart of Georgia Regional Airport features three nationally recognized industrial facilities: Heart of Georgia Metal Crafters , a close tolerance five axis machining company; AREMAC Heat Treating East, LLC, a nationally recognized heat treatment company; and Dynamic Paint Solutions, a finished coatings company. An industrial park located on the airport can accommodate future businesses that are chosen to complement the core industries already successfully operating here.

Top Employers in Eastman-Dodge County

  • Dodge County School System
  • Dodge County Hospital
  • Alcoa Architectural Products
  • Dynamic Paint Solutions, Inc.
  • AREMAC Heat Treating East, LLC
  • Heart of Georgia Metal Crafters, LLC
  • Middle Georgia State University

President/Economic Developer, Charles Williams, would be pleased to discuss more aspects of Dodge County’s Economic Development with any interested party. Please email or call 478-374-4723 for an appointment.